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Submissions are now closed

Submissions cover the following themes:

  1. Body and brain (e.g., biology, neuroscience, health, growth, sleep)

  2. Agency and participation (e.g., civic engagement, volunteering, digital activism)

  3. Culture and society (e.g., gender, ethnicity, minority groups, religion, sexual diversities, cultural and cross-cultural research, social disadvantage)

  4. Digitality (e.g., digital identities, smartphones, social media, video games, gamification)

  5. Education and careers (e.g., achievement motivation, schooling, college, engagement, career choice and development, employability)

  6. Methodology (e.g., new theories, new assessments and research designs, new methods for the study of change and development)

  7. Relationships (e.g., parenting styles, family relations, romantic relationships, sexuality, role models, popularity)

  8. The self (e.g., narrative identity, identity development, social self-concept, body image, temperament, conscientiousness, personality)

  9. Social, emotional, and moral development (e.g., wellbeing, empathy, prosocial behavior, bullying, emotion regulation, coping, resilience, anxiety, depression, suicidality, addiction, substance use)

Although the organisation calls for contributions on these themes, other topics relevant to adolescent and youth development are welcome.

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