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Sponsor or Exhibit at EARA 2022

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The European Association of Research on Adolescence is a multidisciplinary research organisation established to understand adolescence as a life phase through scientific investigation and applied research. It is focused on a broad array of topics.

The 2022 Conference Theme

Adolescent Futures: Diverse and Digital 

Emphasising the importance of supporting the cultural, economic, identity, gender, sexuality, religious, and attitudinal diversities of young people who are creating the future. The conference theme recognises the key role that adolescents have to play in sustainable futures; acknowledging that the pathway to sustainability may be paved using digital communication. In an increasingly digitised future, adolescents’ digitality may be integral to promoting human diversity, solidarity, and continuity. 


Why Support EARA 2022?

  • Connect directly with the conference audience

  • Demonstrate your commitment to education and knowledge share

  • Showcase your services and products

  • Use the event platform to grow your company brand

  • Enhance your brands visibility & differentiate from your competitors by supporting this event

To learn more or discuss EARA 2022 contact:

Mary-Rose Rushe
c/o Keynote PCO – EARA 2022 Conference Office
T + 353 1 4003648 Email:

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