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We are excited to host the European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA) conference in 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. This in-person meeting will present an exciting coverage of Europe’s current research on adolescence, bringing together scholars from different fields of the social sciences. Many exciting social events are planned, to accompany the high quality academic programme. We encourage all scholars of adolescence: students, early career, faculty, and practitioner; to join us at the event and to submit a conference abstract. 

Adolescent Futures: Diverse and Digital

This conference theme emphasises the importance of supporting the cultural, economic, identity, gender, sexuality, religious, and attitudinal diversities of young people who are creating the future. It recognises the key role that adolescents have to play in sustainable futures; acknowledging that the pathway to sustainability may be paved using digital communication. In an increasingly digitised future, adolescents’ digitality may be integral to promoting human diversity, solidarity, and continuity.

The EARA Organising Committee

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